The guarantee concerns exclusively the PARABOLIK SKATEBOARD naked for a period of 2 years following the date of purchase and on presentation of the corresponding certificate of authenticity.

The equipment of your skateboard, trucks, wheels, bearings, spacers, pads, screws and grip are excluded from this warranty.


the warranty covers any defect in the original board*, machining, gluing or wood strength that could lead to abnormal breakage, delamination or premature aging of the wood and this within the framework of a use consistent* with the use, transport and storage of a skateboard type classic longskate.
the guarantee excludes any assumption of responsibility concerning accidents, scratches, impacts, crushes, shocks, tears and all incidents due to a bad use of the skateboard* or to a choice of skateboard not adapted to the size or the practice of the user.


1/ Contact us

Write to the After-Sales Service with your most explicit request and a minimum of two photos to CONTACT@PARABOLIK.FR or by mail to PARABOLIK SAS 71 Chemin de MAURIE 40170 BIAS.

2/ Validation of your request

If the analysis shows a real anomaly, hidden defect, machining, gluing or resistance defect, a message will be sent back to you with the steps to follow. You will have to send us back the naked skateboard, without the trucks. A new board with grip will be sent back to you within 10 to 15 days after receiving the old one.

If the analysis does not show any anomaly, hidden defect, machining defect, gluing or resistance, the company will then offer you solutions, depending on the amount of the warranty. You will then be responsible for the return postage costs.

  • Original board: the guarantee excludes any board modified, transformed, drilled or sanded, outside the PARABOLIK SKATEBOARD workshop.
  • Proper use: Standing on the skateboard, feet apart, near the trucks. Controlled speed in a safe environment with a helmet on the head.
  • Incorrect use: Feet tight and bouncing in the center of the skateboard.

The company reserves the right to modify or cancel the warranty if, after a series of laboratory tests, your board does not show any anomaly, hidden defect, machining defect, gluing or resistance.


If a problem occurs, whatever its source or nature, PARABOLIK SKATEBOARD is committed to offering you a quality after-sales service, available and attentive to your needs, to guarantee your total satisfaction.